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Improve Your PPC Conversion Rate By 62.5%

This is not a quick fix so apologies for anyone who thought that a few quick changes would turn their PPC (pay-per-click) campaign around, PPC campaign management just doesn’t work that way. However this stat is highly relevant to anyone who undertakes SEO or PPC advertising.

Click Consult has recently undertaken a comparison of different PPC accounts to reveal a statistic that should make a business re-consider their whole internet marketing strategy. Using a random selection of 20 Click Consult PPC clients, we have been able to compare the conversion rates of clients who do PPC alone to PPC and SEO combined. We found that if you combine the two, your conversion rate on PPC is 62.5% higher on average.
I’m not even going to mention any of the many benefits of undertaking SEO; however we have many other blogs that do if you are interested. However I will point out that if you are currently using PPC advertising and not undertaking SEO then you should definitely consider adding SEO to your marketing strategy. Also if you do currently undertake SEO but do not have a PPC campaign then the benefits of starting a PPC campaign will be increased.
Obviously there are many factors that affect your PPC conversion rate other than the direct affects of SEO on a website. However in this random sample these other factors even each other out because clients with both high and low converting industries and websites were taken into account on both sides.
If I’ve lost you or if you’re not sure what to do with this information then don’t worry just give Click Consult a call and we’ll be happy to go through your internet marketing strategy with you. We offer a full range of services including PPC, SEOWeb DevelopmentAffiliate & Email Marketing and Online PR. We’ll go through how we can benefit your company achieving a quick and high ROI.
NB: In an updated version of this study, a larger sample of clients was used to ensure the integrity of the hypothesis (i.e. that combining PPC and SEO improves conversion rates). For more information on this study, please click here.
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