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Wireless LAN Security – What Hackers Know That You Don’t

As the next generation of IT networking, 802.11 wireless LANs are also the new playgrounds for hackers. Effective encryption and authentication security measures for wireless LANs are still developing, but hackers already possess easy-to-use tools that can launch increasingly sophisticated attacks that put your information assets at risk.

How To Heal Your Windows XP From Virus Attack???

Do you know, someday my computer were attacked by a virus, and i was looked at application from Windows that called Task Manager. But the virus was w32.rontokbro version that attacked my computer and hide the Task Manager and Folder Option in Windows Explorer. And i didn't know how to remove that virus. After that, i searched in GOOGLE.com how to remove virus in Windows XP SP2, and my blog's friend was suggested that i had to change Task Manager with this application....