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Dear Readers,

Long time I did not blog posts, so from that day I will make a post. I will post the review this time is a collection of some of my best friends blog.

Blog this one struck me as simple and artistic, the owner is Aelke Marisa a player soap opera "Urban Legend " on the tv station TRANS TV. This cute girl well I can say she is intelligent, energetic, love of art and beauty, relentlessness, and beautiful (from hearts and physical).
His last posting was "Life is just once:)". And many more quality posts. I am not going to mention one by one.(follow : @Aelke_mariska)
 2. kerjaidola
This one is a Blog a blog about information, esspecially job vancy, The owner was a friend of mine who had lived as a student dijogja a well-known private campuses in Indonesia. (follow : @chamot)
3. satriyonugroho.com
If the blog this one personal webblog from my friend iyox. melodica, her blog is complete enough of the plugins he used. Carrying the Wordpress fantastico plus CMS, making her blog into a professional blog. Member of the KBJ ( Komunitas Blogger Jogja).
Blog this one is fanbase webblog from girl band SoNyuhShiDae aka SNSD aka Girls ' Generation from South Korea. This one using the fantastico Wordpress engine combined with the forum. The database is also large for storing videos, images, and database member soshified. AMAZING.
This Blog is a personal blog of Arif Muhammad. Formerly a professional blogger, but now this one blogger has already become perpetrators of world entertainment. It is remarkable progress. Content contained in her blog about the day's events he experienced and some of her best friend. Many words that are funny, and the writing is relaxed so as to make the reader impressed at home to read it.
This Blog is a personal blog of a girl named Yenni Azantie, a friend of mine who I used to know from MIG33 chat application. Quite a lot of content written by a blogger who is on this one, the one about info CPNS. ( follow : @_azanti)
7. Riyan
This Blog contains about tv live streaming, lots of tv channels can be watched in streaming and free. These rely on Juventus fans Blogger. If we look for soccer broadcasts that are not televised locally, then this blog can be used as a reference and the option to watch the live stream.
8. SayaSukro.
Well, i like the stories that Dianita Bin Alwan posted last year (Mei 7th, 2012). Based on what she experienced, what she did, and what she feels. She used different language styles, funny, and smart. If you can read in Indonesian Language, try to read this one. Almost the same as Poconggg, she gots her style... Keep on blogging sis !!! 
9. Just Petrisia
This blog is good blog, but i think it's too much widget in the sidebar. The writer is someone i know a long time ago in mig33 chat application. She is smart girl. Just read her last post about she create a program, a reservation room for hotel and she used Java and MySQL for to create that program. I hope she will be a great Scientist or maybe Researcher in the future.
10. erlintopia
This blog is so simple, but i guess all my female readers and friends will like it. In this blog you will see a very nice image that erlin try to share to you. A beautiful dress, beautiful design, and beautiful author of the blog.

If that's the last I discussed my companion blog, then I'll introduce some of the blogs that I have.
The main blog from me. blog containing a wide variety of content.
This blog contains updates from the website manutd
This is a blog about free software and shareware share, music, video.
Blog about promotion for sale
Blog about promotion for Get-Paid-To
This blog about antiques and spiritual of jogjakarta
A personal blog about me personally.
This blog to learn the law of indonesia
Event Organizer community blog which I form with my companions.
Blog about the relationship experience in fun way(s), speak Indonesian.
Still in maintaince
Still in maintaince

Now you can view my favorite blog(s), you can comment(s) after you visit. Please take note, not all my favorites blog(s) updated. As always my friend said to me, "Keep on Blogging". Share whatever you want to, there is no limitation for blogwriting only limited content for adsense. #LOL
The problem when we want to post is time, idea and language. After you can resolve that problems, you may have problem to promote your blog, invite people to visit your blog, and monetize your blog. 

See you around....



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    lha...begini lebih nyaman. ramai banget mas blognya. sampai saya nyut nyut baca artikelnya. he...7x

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