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Make Money On The Internet [AGAIN]

Until the this day, "making money on the internet" still my favorite keyword when i searching on the google search engine. There are how to websites make money, but i will only show you my way to get money, safe and continued.

1. Google Adsense
    Well, this is the best way to get money on the internet. A lot of people struggle to get registered into google adsense. You have to sacrifice some money to registered into google adsense. And i will show you how to make more money on adsense.
a. Buy web hosting+domain.
    You can buy from HawkHost, Hostgator , GoDaddy, or you can search many cheap domain+web hosting but i can't guarantee if you get some free webhosting.
b. Good niche
    This is will spend you alot of money, but you will earn much money if you get the best niche for your website/blog.
c. Good Keyword
    Every good even the best site had their own keyword, if you have the best CPM/CPC for google such as "lemon tax" or "insurance", then you have nothing to worried.
d. Content
    This could be tricky one, you have to post your own content to your site/blog. Because google loves the originality of articles. Good writer is a person(s) that have a creativity to write something in their blog/site, and many people(s) loves his/her article(s). If you are not ready to be a good writer, then you can be a good copywriter (copying some people article(s)) and always shows where did he/she gets the article(s) from. (example : this article taken from: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/article/xxxxxxxxxxxxx.html). A Good Copywriter always shows some respect to the author of the article(s).
e. Social Bookmark
    This tool(s) only to promote our content into your social media/bookmark such as facebook, twitter, google+, there are so many tools on the internet, if you wordpress user you can search it in wordpress.org. There were so many people that have weird blog(s) but their traffic shows from 1,000 viewers into 1,000,000 viewers per/day. They always using social media to promote their web/blog.

2. Adsense Program.
    When you can't register in google adsense, there are so many site that offer their own adsense program. I will list it for you guys, CMIIW.
a. Chitika
b. AdsenseCamp
    This one from Indonesia, and only count how many click(s) on the their ads. Payment by Indonesian Bank Transfer, 10,000 idr to withdraw.
c. Bidvertiser

3. Get Paid To.
    Or you can call it GPT sites. There are many GPT site(s), you can earn money easily from this. You can see my GPT's List in my another blog . You can earn from just to promote (PTP) their site(s) in traffic exchange or autosurf program site(s), join survey, PTC (paid-to-click), PTR (paid-to-read), Paid To Signup, Paid-To-Write, Paid-to-Download, etc. Earn from 0,001 up to $10 perday.

4. Affiliate Marketing Program
    This is not the easiest way to earn money, because you must refer your friend(s), family, colleague, and other people(s) that you know to sign up to the site. But when you succeeded, you will earn a lot more of money after they joined and bought something in the site (some of the site will require their member to buy something). I will list it for you some of Affiliate Program(s) site.
a. Amazon.com
   example :  Send Your Family Gift Cards from Amazon

   This site only pay when your affiliate or your reffered person buy the advertising pack and put refban banner to your site (promote banner).
c. ClickBank
   You can earn extra commission by referring additional product vendors to ClickBank. At this time, we do not have a referral program for referring new affiliates.
When you refer a vendor who activates their account you earn 22% of the $49.95 activation charge. Additionally, you earn 5% of ClickBank's typical markup of each sale that your recruited vendor makes for one year. Please note that commissions for referring product vendors to ClickBank are not considered sales activity (earnings) for the purposes of determining a dormant account.
ClickBank's typical markup on every sale is $1 + 7.5% of the sale price, so you earn about $0.09 to $0.99 on every sale. See the referral commissions chart below:
$10      sale      =          $0.09 commission
$20      sale      =          $0.13 commission
$30      sale      =          $0.16 commission
$40      sale      =          $0.20 commission
$50      sale      =          $0.24 commission
$100    sale      =          $0.42 commission
$150    sale      =          $0.61 commission
$200    sale      =          $0.80 commission
$250    sale      =          $0.99 commission
Here are the steps to get started using the ClickBank Referral Program:
  1. Start promoting ClickBank on your site
  2. Use the special Referral HopLink (i.e., reseller link shown below) to drive new vendors to ClickBank sign up
  3. When new vendors register via your Referral HopLink, you earn a 22% commission on the activation charge paid when the vendor activates their account
  4. In addition, you automatically earn 5% of ClickBank's markup on every sale made by that vendor for a full year after their initial signup date

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