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New MIG33 Application

Thursday, August 13 2009.

I have a bunch of application from some forums. Thanks for the author and the forums

1. Passtester.
This application was made to test nick(id) in mig33 or you could say it is a hacking tool to hack a nick...... great application and so easy to use... Try it!!
Download Passtester

2. Forsal3Store.
This application was made to buy emoticons that you didn't have it. But unfortunately, Indosat emoticon was unable to buy..
Password : www.mig33salatiga.org
Download Forsal3Store Emoticon

3. T3rmiz-AdminKick3r.
This application was made to kick many nicks in the room, and you will be able to use to enter a lot of your multy nicks.
Download T3rmiz-AdminKick3r v.1.0

4. WPEpro09x.
This application was made to update the previous application (WPEpro). It's a multy nicks to kick some nicks...
Download Wpepro09x

5. RegisterMulty.
This application was made to make multy nicks.
Download RegisterMulty

6. XPControls
This is an additional component to enable all the tools above. You must download it, or you can't use all the tools above. It's The Most Important Thing to Download.
Download XPControl.dll.zip


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