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Xpeed Mig33 Center 3

These time, i will share my mig33 application....

It called "Xpeed Mig33 Center v.3.0.0"

It's a powerful tool for mig33 user that love to kick someone that abusing, flooding, and/or inviting you into War Battle using Multiple Id(nick). The weakness of these tool, using WINSOCK connection. Because of that, these application is very fast for kicking, if you've been using GPRS from GSM provider, i suggest you shouldn't use these tool. Why?? Because we need for speed to get into mig33 server.

Before you download this application, i want to say i'm sorry. I forgot to snapshot and make some manual to use this tool. It's an easy tool to use, the author of this application had share his manual to use this tool inside. So, don't worry about that.


Happy Downloading......!!!!

Download from This!!

no password require....


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